MakeCents Terminal Application

Say goodbye to all those coins!

Las Vegas


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Billy Grossman
Stephen Graceffa

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Product Manager Investor


MakeCents is a retail point-of-sale solution that will enable consumers and merchants to more easily tender cash transactions by transferring the monetary value of physical change to a digital accumulation account. Our primary mission is to minimize consumer and merchants costs associated with the handling of change, and expose the enormous underlying value in cash purchases that have been historically under-appreciated. Our solution uses a suite of micro-services that connect to a web portal, mobile application and payment terminal application. This ecosystem will support the collection, storage, and redemption of the residual balances following a cash purchase (a.k.a. change). It will be a medium for consumers to manage their change and allocate it to useful purposes, such as: gift card purchasing; charitable donations; peer-to-peer money transfer; and/or direct bank and investment account transfers. It will also lower costs for merchants by reducing the amount of friction associated with cash purchases, and by increasing checkout speeds. Then, by allowing consumers to capture their change digitally, we will be able to leverage the purchasing history of cash spending. This will allow MakeCents to both better service the consumer through targeted loyalty, affinity, and couponing programs while better informing merchants and vendors of what their customers are buying with cash.


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