Support and Management Automation for Non Profit Organizations


Technologies Used

Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
Machine Learning
Python Flask

Project Team

Manoj Pandey
Entrepreneur Developer Designer
Akul Mehra
Designer Developer
Laksh Arora
Abhinav Sharma

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Time is money, and it is best invested doing things you are great at. This is especially true when you are in an organization working towards a progressive goal. It is easy to hire a multitude of skilled people and develop a task force to handle your daily support and manage operation, but, for non profit organizations that run on the gathered support of common masses it is a critical task to gather such a task force outright. SupportIQ aims at providing top of the lines Support and Management Automation for such organizations or individuals who would rather focus on their goals and still like to manage their operations, all in a fashionably easy manner. Using top of the line technologies it aims to provide the following - User Engagement through automated emails and sms, Campaign Management Techniques, Analytics on campaign. The platform is not just limited to this but becomes especially powerful and shows the real beauty by running it's custom Machine Learning algorithm to do a comparative analysis of the users campaign and generate recommendations to grow the campaign. SupportIQ as a SaaS focuses on reducing effort while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness More details:


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