Surfacing World's Public and Nonprofit Sector Data For Masses


Technologies Used

HP Haven On Demand

Project Team

Vimal Bhaya
ishita verma

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Goggles is a search and analytics web frontdoor for the entire worlds public and social sector data. It aims at reducing the difficulties is gaining information, finding similar issues globally and preparing researched cases for social issues. Our vision is to gradually engage masses to their local civic issues, and not just have easy access to public and nonprofit data but also one day be the eyes and ears of civic incidents around them and contribute to a growing central public data brain. One big reason why civic participation today, such as through referendums, activism and investigative journalism is hard, is because current volumes of public data is very cumbersome to find, access and draw correlations from. Besides text pages, our mobile app accomplishes parsing data behind login screen in image, pdf, csv or even video format which are currently part of the dark/unindexed web even though they are hosted by different government agencies. Being able to search on every word across different web sites cross public sector bodies is a powerful capability that does not exist for a single current US city council today. We build this project leveraging HPE Haven OnDemand APIs for indexing, document store and AI for drawing relationships and analytics. In our POC we started by crawinling a list of government websites from San Francisco, and setup up the crawler of automatic updates. In next steps we want to expand data repository links to a lengthy known list of international sites. We also want to include data held by individuals and nonprofit organizations, by having them register their sites with our search and analytics engine so that we crawl them. We also want to finish the UI for the analytics page. Lastly we want to build frontpage features such as showing local issues trends or having them subscribe/rss to keywords.