Seamless charity contribution

Silicon Valley


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Project Team

Aris Iliopoulos
Nikos Bregiannis
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Using the AddUpp application anyone will be able simply by adding his/her credit card, to help charities raise money. The app will; 1) Add credit/debit card. 2) Every time you make a purchase using the added card, the application rounds up to the nearest 0.5$/1$. I.e: purchase something for 12.20$, app rounds it up to $12.50/$13.00 (user can choose how much). Money are then donated accordingly. 3) Ability to choose where your money will be donated to from a catalogue that stores all the available organizations-programs. Someone can change where he’s donating at anytime. Simple examples: choose to help refugees during a month of crisis, shift to disaster support programs during a breakout, change to disease support etc etc. 4) Ability to donate more in a separate transaction that would charge your card directly. 5) Ability to set monthly limits so you don’t exceed a specific budget every month/year. 6) Ability to pause at anytime. 7) We could also make it fun and challenging. For example a leaderboard to see who’s giving away most. Integration with social media networks. 8) Heat map and live statistics about where donations are happening.


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