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Virtual Reality for Virtual Cloud Infrastructure



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Tim Stokes
Angela Bee Chan
Corporate Investor Entrepreneur
Livia Lam
Darren H Bui

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Code is in BitBucket: Project Stack and API: Javascript, Amazon AWS, Virtual Reality, 3D How would you react when your website goes down? Excited or are you panicking because you can’t do any work? Businesses need servers because they hold all of your business's operational information and technology. When servers go down, IT Network Managers need to be as quick and efficient as possible to get the system up and running again. Every minute is valuable. At TopoVR, we visualise cloud infrastructure using 3D modelling. We deliver a holistic view of your whole IT system in real time to help you: a) Map your server landscape b) Monitor to view performance of a server c) Manage your business’ operations Our aim is to keep your business running at all times. How it works 1) Imagine you’re the IT Network Manager and out of the corner of your eye you notice a problem with a server. 2) You put on your VR goggles quickly and immediately identify where the problem is. 3) Instead of scrolling through lines through an excel spreadsheet, you’ll be able to move, zoom in and out, and rotate to examine the landscape and identify where the problem is. Know at any given moment what the health of your entire infrastructure looks like. 4) Now you’ll be able to restart and stop the right server so business can run as usual. We’ve built this using Javascript and Amazon Web Services. Right now we have applied this to AWS which aloe has a revenue of $7.8billion in the last quarter, and we will be able to scale this to serve all cloud providers. We have the potential to visualise cloud infrastructure in every industry. Currently there are flow charts, 2D images and 3D diagramming tools, however we’ve created a dynamic solution to visualise cloud infrastructure. You’ll be able to walk through and interactively examine your IT environment. What’s next for us? We’ll need to complete the prototype and test it with users. Next, we plan to push it out on the AWS marketplace to sell as a service to customers. So we’re Topo3D, visualising cloud infrastructure through 3D modelling.