Detects contaminated water,closes valve & intimates owner.


Technologies Used

Arduino uno

Project Team

Pravallika Kondapalli
Guduru.Naveen Reddy
Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Our idea is to detect the contaminated water which is coming out of the tap.As soon as the contaminated water is detected,the valve automatically closes and intimates to the owner by sending a message. After a while the process repeats till water stop. WATER CONTAMINATION DETECTION E01-01 Team Details i) K.Pravallika; pravallikakondapalli1503@gmail.com ; 8886350631 ii) K.Manasa; harshitha939@gmail.com ; 8897212111 iii) G.Naveen Reddy; naveen.guduru11@gmail.com; 8498958820 One line description of our product The sensor detects the contaminated water and closes the valves and intimate to the owner. Problem we are solving When pure water is not coming from the tap then the valve automatically closes and intimates to the owner so that the remaining water in the tank does not spoil. Statistics/authentic reports/any information online which justifies the problem we are trying to solve is a real problem. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/environment/pollution/Around-80-of-sewage-in-Indian-cities-flows-into-water-systems/articleshow/18804660.cms The people /stake holders with their names and role/designation with whom we have discussed the problem. NAME DESIGNATION FEEDBACK K.Manjula Home Maker Idea is good K.Rose Catherine Working Women I am ready to purchase K.Baburao Private Employee Useful product M.Lavanya Working Women Warranty period?? C.Ram Reddy Manager Future improvements?? B.Ramya Developer Work more on prototype Target audience /users of the system Common people Key features of our solution i) To detect a the contaminated water ii) To close the valve iii) To intimate to the owner The people /stake holders with their names and role with whom we have discussed the approach to solution. NAME DESIGNATION FEEDBACK Nataraj Ravallapuri Dept. Vice Chancellor Try to make your product portable and cost effective K.Surendar Reddy Additional Commissioner If possible try it inside the water Existing solutions i) Water Quality detection ii) Bacteria detection Comparision of our solution with existing solutions on Features i) Our solution features are completely automated (By closing the valve and intimating the owner) while other solutions need human interface. ii) Continuous monitoring of water is available in our product while others do not. Comparision of our solution with existing solutions on Cost i). Our product cost is Rs.2532/- (approx.) while the existing product costs ranges from 3000 to 5000. ii). Our product gives many applications with less cost. Comparision of our solution with existing solutions on Size Our product is portable with approximately 62.5mm X 50.5mm X 50.5mm while the existing products are huge and bulky. Comparision of our solution with existing solutions on choice of technology We are using cloud to upload data to database and can be sent to the user through Wi-Fi (IOT) while other existing solutions does not use such technology. Technology architecture of our solution Important technology components of our solution 1. Arduino 2. Cloud 3. PHP code 4. Sensors Our strategy for getting first 10 customers i). We will explain about the product i.e., how it has been automated without any human interface. ii). As our product finds an important application in household purpose so we can easily get our first ten customers.


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