E24-02: highway tree-water management

highway plant water management


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Rajashekar Vorugala mrtn
Designer Developer
preetham thumma mrtn
Designer Developer
saisrinivas Dubakula mrtn
Designer Developer

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Smart water Management System for Roadways Problem: Road maintainers face the problem in watering the plants in highways and even in cities. For this, they need labour. Sometimes due to water tankers there is more probability of accidents. Statistic reports to justify your problem: Water tankers may cause traffic problems and they don’t know how much a plant need, which may result in wastage of water of up to 60% and ill growth of plants and trees on highway. Current solutions: • Currently there is no automated system for this task. • Daily labours are working to water the plant and even they are using water tankers where there is no water pipeline available. Our Solution: • We are planning to automate the entire watering system by keeping a centralized panel by IOT. • Here we are using moisture sensor for measuring soil moisture based on the moisture content the watering is done. • The moisture levels are uploaded to the cloud. There the analysis is done, so that we get day to day report of it. How is it better? • It’s a new approach for cost reduction of maintenance of watering management system. Here the work of entire labour is done by a single person. Key Features: • A systematic water System. • Massive cost reduction in terms of labour. • Day to day analysis of fertility of the soil. • Easy maintenance with the centralised panel. Survey: • We did the survey at the tollgates. • They said that the product is useful and tangible. They advised us to reduce the product cost to a reliable cost. Key Technologies: arduino, moisture sensor Statistics to justify the solution: Money spent on tankers can be saved up to 60% by using our product and reduce the ill growth of the trees and plants on highway. Software Requirements: arduino IDE, python. Total cost to own the product: we are estimating up to Rs.1500 for each unit. We are trying to low the cost.


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