It is an energy harvesting device which is used for location tracking.


Technologies Used


Project Team

K.S.S.S Bharathi
Designer Developer
M.Surya Prakash
Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


ONE LINE DESCRIPTION: It is energy harvesting device which is used for tracking the location. PROBLEM WE ARE SOLVING: The problem we are facing is draining of phone batteries durng tracking. We have many android applications but when battery gets drained they are of no use so we are here to overcome this problem. STATISTICS/EVIDENCE: PEOPLE WITH WHOM WE DISCUSSED THE PROBLEM: 1. P.Raviprasad, Scada meters 2. P.Srinivas, Electronics and communication enginner 3. Kalyani, Government teacher TARGET AUDIENCE: children and women KEY FEATURES OF YOUR SOLUTION: Easy to track the location user friendly Frequent charging of batteries is not required STATISTICS WHICH JUSTIFY YOUR SOLUTION: the decreasing in the number of missing cases by introduction of security based applications (android and iot) STATISTUCS WITH WHOM YOU HAVE DISCUSSED THE APPROACH TO SOLUTION: 1. P.Ravi prasad - Scada meters 2. P.Srinivas - Electronics and communication engineer 3. Kalyani Government teacher 4. M.Sudarshana reddy – HCL (general manager) EXISTING SOLUTIONS: android apps lechal shoes security applications COMPARE WITH EXISTING SOLUTION ON FEATURES: energy harvesting charging of batteries is not required COMPARE WITH EXISTING SOLUTIONS ON COST: Cost of lechal shoes-$100-$150(US dollars) cost of our product-?1500 SIZE COMPARISON WITH EXISTING SOLUTION: As our product is placed in shoe the size depends on the shoe TECHNOLOGY COMPARISION WITH EXISTING SOLUTION: Renewable energy Energy harvesting TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTURE IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGY COMPONENTS: Arduino, solar panel, rechargeable battery, GPS. STRATEGY FOR GETTING FIRST CUSTOMERS: We differentiate our product from already existing products and explain them about the benefits of using this product.


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