E26-01 : PILL INTIMATOR( cares like your own)

A smart device used to improve the medication compliance by reminding the user to take tablets on time.Also solves the problem of double dosing.



Technologies Used

Arduino Development

Project Team

Chetan Bommu
Developer Designer
Kavya Reddy Kambham
Vidiyala Keerthi
Kavya Reddy

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Description : Improves medication compliance by intimating the person to take medicines on time and on regular basis.It also indicates the no of tablets to be taken and solves the problem of double dosing. Problem: It is a sad state today that though there are medicines to cure disease, people are hardly able to stick and adhere to their medication schedule. The reasons being many ranging from a busy lifestyle to forgetfulness or memory loss induced by usage of certain medicines. The younger generation though concerned can hardly find time to help the elderly with their medicine schedule. Hence, it becomes important to address this problem as early as possible and ensure timely and safe intake of medicines. Target Audience : People who take medicines regularly specifically those suffering with diabetes and hypertension. , Old people , Memory loss patients . Kids who dont take their medicine when they are in school. Key Features : High utilitarian value low cost , user friendly , Helps in proper medication management , Sends information to both caregiver and doctor to enable better treatment of the patient. Provides a database and complete access to medication history of the patient. Can be configured and operated on through an Android app. Existing Solutions : The existing solutions are definitely cutting edge in terms of technology. However, our product is far superior because it can be used by almost anyone with utmost ease and ranks extremely high in terms of utility. Also Min Cost of the existing devices is around - Rs.7000/- Survey Results : We sampled a group of 50 people. Of these about 18 were below 40 years of age , 11 were in the age group 40-60 and the remaining 7 were in the age group 60 and above. Of these 15 people said that they had a problem with medication compliance Our device when displayed to the same people was liked by the majority and they were ready to buy the amount specified. Technology Used : AURDINO(PROGRAMMING), SERVO MOTOR , WEIGHT SENSOR , ANDROID . IOT Estimated Cost: 1000 – 1200/- P.S- We are trying to make our product better. Please feel free to leave your suggestions and comments as they will help us design a better product.Thanks in advance.