Pill Intimator

Pill Intimator intimates the user to take medicines on regular basis.


Technologies Used

Basic: Python

Project Team

Chetan Bommu
Developer Designer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


These days due to excess work load people are forgetting to take their medicines. Old people may have memory loss and may forget to take their medicines on time.This has serious health consequences.Present day technologies come at a hefty price tag. Our device can remind users to take their medicines on time. At the same time it should prevent them from taking the same medication more than once when they are not supposed to. We achieve this via a smart medicine box that can perform the above defined functions.Also in case of old and handicapped people the device must send a message to the caretaker that the required medicine has been given.Also this information will be passed on to the concerned doctor to enable him to treat the patient better.


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