E04-03 : Smart Segregator

Automatic segregation of dry and wet waste in one bin.


Technologies Used

Arduino Mega

Project Team

Nallaparaju. Medha Lalitha (BVRW)
Designer Developer
Sowmya Reddy
Nishitha panthula

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


1. Problem: Improper handling of dry and wet waste is creating a serious problem to separate reusable and recyclable things, so our product separates the things at domestic level. 2. Problem statistics: According to Earth Engineering Center(EEC)and Waste to energy Research and technology council (WTERT)Columbia university: • Urban India generating 188,500 tons per day of municipal solid wastes and per capita it is 500grams per day. • In Telangana ,Greater Hyderabad 5,154,tons per day and 650 grams per person per day. http://swmindia.blogspot.in/p/research-summary.html 3.Current technology: --> Totem: It is a smart can featuring multiple compartments that can be set up to hold trash .Its slicky system that compartmentalize all your trash in one bin. Cost:$239 http://www.hobbr.com/smart-trash-bins 4.solution: --> Smart segregator will Automatically segregates Dry and Wet waste. 5. Our solution better in: Comparison with Features: --> No manual work is required to separate the waste, automatically done in the bin itself. --> Intimates when the bin is full. Comparison with cost: --> Current smart bins are very high cost which cannot be affordable by common man. Our product will cost 1000-1300/- Comparison with size: --> Unlike a big level bin ,our product is same size as normal bin we use in our homes with attached inventory. Comparison with technology: --> There are Smart bins which will serve purposes like automatically opens lid using infrared sensors, apps to indicate the level of bin using ultrasonic sensors and bins store different types of wastes which has to be seperated manually. --> Our product automatically segregates the waste based on the sensing values of sensors. And intimates how much waste they are producing . 6. Key Features: --> Facilitates implementation of current waste management system. --> Segregates the wastes at source itself. --> User friendly. --> Low cost as compared to current product. 7. User survey: --> P.Ravinder kumar ,Deputy commissioner kukatpally, circle 14B.As these is the new policy introduced by Govt. He appreciated for the initiative, and they are currently working on the same concept. We have done user survey, feedback we got: --> If the government makes hard and fast rule for the segregation they would prefer our product. --> Uneducated group who don't know what is Dry and what is Wet ,want our product as plug and play. --> People who are aware of our problem statement and who are lazy enough to two multiple bins wants our product . (Mostly upper middle class people can afford our product) 8. Technologies used: --> IOT --> Arduino sketch or Simu link module(software) --> Thingspeak 9.Solution Statistics: --> According to study of EEC and WTERT: “responsible management of wastes must be based on science and best available technology and not on ideology and economics that exclude environmental costs and seem to be inexpensive now, but can be very costly in the future”. refer the below website. http://swmindia.blogspot.in/p/research-summary.html --> Statistics given by Deputy commissioner kukatpally: If we separate the wastes at domestic level only 5% of wastes will go to dump yards and remaining 95% can be recyclable and reusable. 10. Hardware / software requirements : --> Arduino mega --> Servomotor --> Moisture sensor --> Load scale sensor --> IOT --> Arduino sketch or simu link module(software) 11. The total cost of ownership : Rs. 1500 12. First 10 customers: --> First 4 customers will be our family members, during our survey they know our project. --> Remaining are from our neighborhood. we win them by giving incentives like paying for wet wastes(there are some reusing technologies which converts wet waste into manure or electricity) and Dry waste also(there are some waste ventures in Hyderabad who pay for it) --> Health officer and Deputy Commissioner of GHMC. They are interested in our product.


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