Airbnb My Butler

greeting and answering basic needs of your airbnb guests

Los Angeles


Technologies Used

Amazon AWS

Project Team

Penelope Lopez
Designer Developer Entrepreneur
America Gloria Lopez
Entrepreneur Developer

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Product Manager Investor


PROBLEM: Many of my friends and I use airbnb and some of us are even hosts. The most problem we run into is that most hosts miss out in greeting they guest when they first arrive. SOLUTION: You got one of this sitting around in your living room. Created a Amazon Skill set called My Butler. It greet hosts, goes over basic rules, and answers common questions when you are not at home. RESULTS: 1) Adding a note on the alexa for the guest to say "alexa, open My Butler" Your guest gets awed and amazed by the responses to their questions , the moment their stay began. 2) Get higher reviews, be envied from the airbnb community, and you will also get more booking requests for people wanting to get the chance to experience that for their stay. FOUR FACTORS WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: 1) When that guest arrives and u aren't there, they missed the chance to feel welcome in home and understand the rules of the place. 2) 85% of hosts do responds to booking requests, but not many respond to their emails in time. Therefore longer wait time for guest to feel not welcomed or that their questions aren't important to get some kind of response. 3) Arrival is one of the seven values that you get rated on airbnb by your guest. Most are those always comment always says my host wasn't there to greet me or show me the rules when they arrived. You get hit by a 3 star or less. 4) You get the flood of text, and calls of airbnb team, and even calls from your parents telling you to go greet your guest or answer their basic questions. BASIC QUESTIONS THAT GUEST ASK? What's the wifi? Who is in charge? What my host contact info? Can I do laundry today? Do I have to take out the trash? Can I park inside? YOUR PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS WERE: (HAD LITTLE TO NO SUCCESS) 1) They Didn't read the whole details on their reservation. 2) Printed paper containing rules. That paper gets taken every time. 3) If you are lucky, you have a current airbnb guest that shows the newbie around the place. PROJECT APIS AND OTHERS: JSON, AWS, lambda, amazon echo device, & javascript. MADE IT IN BIG ARTICLES BY: AIRBNB ON AMAZON DEVELOPERS Struggles: Took on Alexa Bootcamps to learn more about Amazon Alexa Skills. Need more or someone w/ experiences with dynamo DB.