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Ananay Arora
Devansh Gandhi
Tanay Kothari
Entrepreneur Developer
Manav Aggarwal
Entrepreneur Developer
Akshay Kumar Gupta

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A gentleman all set to catch a flight has forgotten his laptop at a store. A young boy is home alone, hungry and wishing he could have a packet of chips and a bottle of coke from the nearby market. A busy woman needs to get to her friend’s party ASAP but doesn’t have that bottle of wine she wanted to gift her. It’s my aunt’s birthday and I want to give her a cake, but she lives on the other side of NCR! Now, what do all of us here have in common? We need to get X from A to B - and fast. And how do we solve that problem? Introducing Pulse. Pulse is a crowdsourced delivery app which lets you order anything you want and have it delivered to wherever you want! Just tell us what you want, where you want it and the estimated cost of your order - we’ll do the rest! Nearby deliverers will be notified of your request and anyone who chooses to take it up will be provided with a checklist of your items and if you want, directions to a particular store from which to buy them. Deliverers will purchase your items, take them to where they need to be, and be paid through Stripe or in Cash. You get work done with just a few taps on the screen, and someone with time to spare makes some extra money on the side! How do we make money? As of now, we have three sources for revenue Our partners use the Pulse app as a platform to share exclusive deals, coupons and offers to users while they order or deliver items. We collect a small commision (Rs 10) from each delivery We partner with chains like 24x7 and Nature’s Basket. When a Pulse deliverer collects items from these partner stores, they are provided with Pulse packaging. Users are incentivized to collect items from partner stores because when they do, we collect a smaller commission from their total delivery earnings. The more our packaging is in circulation, the more our user base grows. Of course, all deliverers will go through a rigorous background and identity check, especially those using motor vehicles as modes of transport. The security of our users and their valuables is our top priority!