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Yogesh Gogia
Developer Designer
kritiketan sharma
Parminder Singh
Eshaan Inder Singh

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How many times has it been that you wanted to get some time off and take a trip but were not able to because you did not know where to go, or 3 of your friends wanted to just relax and the other two were interested in some sort of an adventure. Well look no further, Juntos comes to you as the ultimate solution for planning group holidays, and even when you do not know WHERE to go, but only WHAT you want to do. With its support for large member groups, polling based on location or even better mood of the person (categories like party, historic monuments etc). It gives a the top locations based on the polls and sentiment analysis using social media (twitter) and among the top 2 or three locations that effectively cover all your friend's interests you can choose the best one for you. But wait, the magic does not end here, rather it has just started. Among the top locations you can browse through top locations in that city to visit and be rest assured that we have worked in your best interests and our recommended city has your point of interest. On top of that, you can check out hotels, most optimized itineraries, and also what the world (Social Media) felt about that place (Obviously the ones who have been there) and also the ones who are willing to. Helping you decide wisely and with the least of efforts. So the next time you are unable to decide where to take a trip to, don’t quarrel with your pals, instead, come to us, because WE LL BE THERE FOR YOU! APIs and Technologies used: HPE Haven OnDemand, Expedia APIs, NodeJS, Twitter API, Android, Amazon AWS, Advanced PHP, Advanced Java, HPE Sentimental Analysis API