Smart Workout -”Now or Never”

Workouts with virtual-reality and smart coaching



Technologies Used


Project Team

Vindula Jayawardana
Designer Developer
Nadun De Silva
Designer Developer
Buddhi Ayesha Rathnayaka
Designer Developer
Dimuthu Lakmal
Keet Sugathadasa
Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


Exercise is like telling your body, “you are going to hate me for this, but you’ll thank me later.” Staying fit and healthy has become a necessity in our day to day lives. We have seen people working out, eating healthy and trying to maintain their health and fitness at a reasonable level. However, this all depends on the commitment and motivation that everyone gets in order to keep a healthy life. People are so busy with their day to day life, that they become reluctant and lazy to ensure that their lives stay fit and healthy. “Smart Workout” is a revolutionizing product that combines the power of virtual reality, motion tracking and real life challenges that will boost up your workouts. The user is given the real life experience of being in an actual gaming environment, where the challenge is to compete against your fellow opponents and attain the ultimate goal of perfect fitness at the end of the workout. Whether it’s a friendly mission, a deadly survival or a run for your life, it gives the user a real time experience of living in an entirely different world competing against real time players, whilst making the self-workout happen in the background with the proper guidance of the “Smart Workout Trainer”. Each and every step of the user's actions in the battle for victory, the movements, workout time and daily routine times are thoroughly analyzed with the help of the smart motion sensors, to ensure that the user unknowingly does a perfect workout with perfect movements, where the motivation kicks off in the virtual reality world. The toughest thing that any person could do is to change their fitness routines. “Smart Workout” gives you an experience like never before, to see the real you and unleash your fullest potentials to go beyond your limits in being a fitter person. No more worries about trying to motivate yourself every day or falling in trouble for extreme and improper workouts. Connect with the platform, take up a challenge or call up your friends and compete against the real world, with the proper guidance for a perfect and healthy body which you have been dreaming of. We are here for you. It’s now or never.