LMP - Laptop Management Portal

Laptop or computer device management



Technologies Used

Advanced Python

Project Team

Irunika Lakmal Weeraratne
Designer Developer
Dileepa Chandima
Dilanka Rathnayake
Tharinda Ehelepola
Designer Developer
Menaka Jayawardena

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Device Management is the administration of Mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers etc. This involves controlling and managing several tasks of those devices. Such as getting statistics of the device, enforce security levels etc. This specific area of device management includes personal and/ or corporate owned laptop computers/. The main idea is to control and manage laptops/ desktop computers which are connected to the organization network. Most common use case is managing computers in a computer lab. The traditional way of managing those devices is installing a custom OS image in every machine through network and configure it. So, it take much time and effort. With this system, all the computers are connected into a central server where every bit of configuration can be done. Once the agent software is installed and enrolled to the system, those configurations can be directly pushed to any of the computer. Another use case is in organizations which give laptops to workers can use this platform to monitor each and every person, send specific messages to them, restrict usage if they violate company policies etc. There are several such systems in the market. But their cost is very high. Our target is to build a comprehensive solution which is open source and free to use, so that majority can be benefited. And also the product will be deployed online so that anyone can use it.