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Kasun Lakmal jayasinghe
Bhasura Suseen Gunawardhana
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Lahiru Fernando

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The Measure Wire is a simple IOT device which can be connected to a mobile application using a Bluetooth module. The main thought process that led to this invention was to provide a handy tool that would help anyone take a measurement anytime, anywhere they want. We believe one of our major customers will be fashion designers. A fashion designer can take measurements of a client or of a dress with our product, in a matter of seconds and then with the use of the app he/she can store these measurements, create infographics and summarize or create a whole new wardrobe and share it online. Therefore Measure Wire is not about simply taking measurements. It lets you reach that extra step of sharing, comparing and analyzing the measurements taken. The high end professionals, the civil engineers, architects, researchers who come across the need to take measurements so often will find Measure Wire to be a must-have in their pockets. This is because other than the usual everyday measurements like lengths, speed, angles etc. our mobile can act as a vibration detector, level meter therefore even the most complicated measurements are only a pocket away. The Measure Wire is a new concept that addresses an everyday problem and we believe, like an invention ought to be, the Measure Wire will make our lives so much efficient and easier.