Cost-efficient advertising platform

Washington DC


Technologies Used

Amazon AWS
Python Flask
Microsoft Azure
Basic Javascript
Advanced Python
Advanced Java

Project Team

Connor Moore

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


AdFlow gives developers the ease of adding high quality ads for mobile apps into their own applications using our simple SDK. When asked to serve an ad to a client, AdFlow analyzes the user's installed applications to determine what kind of apps they actually enjoy using. Once we can make some assumptions about what the user likes, we can compare their preferences to ads that have been submitted by our customers and determine an ad for a mobile app to display that the user is most likely to interact with. AdFlow also is smart enough to not serve an ad if the user already has the advertised app on their phone while also still serving an ad in circumstances where the user has the app but isn't registered or hasn't used it. Accounting for various situations like these, our platform is able to target consumers directly that would be most interested in a particular mobile app while saving advertisers money by not serving their ads in irrelevant situations. Finally, AdFlow has a built in analytics portal to view statistics on user acquisition.