Technologies Used


Project Team

Ariel Patino
Developer Entrepreneur
Jaime Andrés López Mora
Samir R Mendoza
John Guerrero
Entrepreneur Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Our project is a social panic button. The idea is for the people to register set which emergency skills they have (paramedic, nurse, doctor, lifeguard, etc) and when a person clicks on the panic button, they all get notified, depending on the emergency type. It also can be used by the health insurance companies (that is where the financing would come from) to offer premium services to their clients. The app would also contact (if the user wants to) the emergency lines, that is 911, 123, etc. The idea comes from the underfunding emergency lines have, and the difficulty they have locating people in distress, because of the increasing use of cellphones, which cannot be as easily located as landlines. This means we will be trying to locate people who are in need of help by people near them who can assist, all with the effort of saving more lives and helping emergency services.


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