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Diogenes Armando Pascua
Emmanuel Francis Narvasa Ramos Jr.
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Bronson G. Mabulay

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Product Manager Investor


A context-aware ecosystem that alerts customers via a smartphone app about special offerings when near or inside the store. It's common in malls and other retail establishments when one needs the assistance of an attendant to answer your queries on a certain item and the attendant could not attend to your needs right away for the store lacks the adequate sales staff. In contrast, there will be also times when customers are annoyed over an overly eager sale staff that is so persistent in bombarding you with unsolicited information. SOEK Geoshopper apps will solve this dilemma for you by providing you with a virtual personal sales staff through product information in your smart phones. The system use Bluetooth low energy beacons installed in various places inside the store. The Phone detects nearby beacons and a pop-up will appear on the phone screen indicating the available items, item description, sizes, available colors,discounts, and other useful info a customer asks the sales like this is already present in foreign countries but our system is different in the sense that we use an in store local network acting as data server instead of a cloud based server. The advantage of this is there will be no significant delay in data transmission to the phone as compared to a cloud based system. This is very advantageous for both the customer and retailer for we know that the country suffers from slow internet speeds. For the retailer side,aside from we provide them the ability to update in store data in real time, the system provides store analytics like how many customers have been in the store, who are the customers that frequent the store-a data needed to identify loyal customers and implement rewards for them, and of course data needed for future inventory by knowing which item sells fast, and which does not.In terms of revenue model, The team will sell the beacons at a profit, We will also give charges on installation and maintenance as well as provide store data analytics through subscription. We envision that every mall or store here in the Philippines will use this app. We also target to scale internationally starting with the ASEAN markets. The system is not single ended, additional features such as BEACON based micro location service can be incorporated (INDOOR GPS) and mall wide advertisement through the use of entrance beacons. Truly, SOEK provides location based data for customers in real time and in the right time. Stack & Languages -Android Studio -Java -JSON -Node.js -Processing -Adobe Photoshop -Adobe Illustrator


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