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Marcelo Almonacid
Alfredo Irarr√°zaval

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Politics analytics web platform where anyone can discuss news, investigations and general information backed up by serious media regarding politicians or public figures. The idea behind this project is to create a platform that recollects opinions and discussion of people all around the country (or even the world) about certain events that affects politicians or public figures. The purpose of this platform is to be driven by the community. Each user after discussing can earn points (reliability points) given by the same community. This points allows people to post issues and let other discussions start. This point based system for good behaviour will allow the community to choose there own moderators, administrators and top commentators. This is not something new, but something that has proven effectiveness and works, so why not implementing it in this type of project? We can see this kind of behaviour in online games or media where there are many heated conversations with grate points of views, but nevertheless, they are doomed to get lost in oblivion. No one rescue them. The evaluation system works based on no more than 8 general values for each person. A user can then evaluate an issue as either positive, neutral or negative. If chosen positive or negative, the user then has the option to choose which of these values is more important in the given context of the issue. With this information we can get a dynamic picture of the perception of the people regarding that issue in that time. This would allow us to crete a timeline of issues and perspectives and see how perception is evolving, how politicians react to improve that perception of themselves and also inform people of how others view politicians and why. The moment we start making money by selling custom reports we are doom to eventually getting biased. It only needs one big sponsor for not to like the information being there and it can gain an upper hand on the platform contents. So, the solution was to transform this initiative into a NGO. Getting support from other non-profit organization like government agencies , other NGO's, Humans Rights Watch and more. Make available the information for everyone. That's why we would like to transform in the first analytics platform for the people, by the people.