Decreasing of Pesticides and Fertigation Using Electronic System



Technologies Used

Raspberry Pi

Project Team

Ahmed Alsaqqa

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


This project aims at reducing the rate of over use of the pesticides and fertilizers, and it works on using water perfectly inside greenhouses through having an electronic system that adjusts the needed amount of water, pesticides and fertilizers for plants besides setting a schedule for fertilization. In addition to that, this electronic system will be connected with a sensor system and special alarm via a well prepared computer program, lap tops and mobile phones. This program transmits alerts regarding the necessity of the agricultural system. The system itself will be fixed inside the greenhouse for the sake to measure changeable temperatures, humidity and the soil water content through special sensors that support a computer system with the data to be processed with other sorts of data that related to plants diseases, pathogenic, insect pests and water needs for tomato and cucumber. Moreover, this system not only is able to predict, while having a suitable environment, to limit the needs for onset, but also it is able to adjust the pesticides and water consumption besides scheduling fertilization system inside the greenhouse. The system also works on improving the quality and quantity of the greenhouse production healthily and safely according to the safe cultivation to be similar as often as possible to the organic greenhouse cultivation.


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