Space Crunch

We book underutilized spaces in real-time


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Project Team

Michael Fine
Joshua Kriger
Chris Jordan
Luci Laffitte
Kenan Shifflett

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Product Manager Investor


Nothing great ever happens when you stay home alone. Great things happen when people gather. And organized gatherings come to life in great space. For event planners, the perfect space is the holy grail; yet, at any given moment thousands of amazing venues sit vacant. SpaceCrunch helps connect space seekers with space providers so that great things can happen. We are disrupting a fragmented market where space seekers have no comprehensive way to search and book in real-time, and space providers constantly lose money on vacant space. The process for both booking and offering space is frustrating and antiquated. We have been on both sides of this equation and studied the competition. No one has this nailed yet. Changing the game starts with providing a comprehensive list of spaces and the ability to book in real time, coupled with actionable metrics for space providers. What we’ve done this weekend is just the beginning. To help our space owners close more deals, we’ll soon offer an app for mobile booking, 360 degree visuals, further pricing flexibility, and integration with other products. As of today, SpaceCrunch is transforming the world of venue booking forever.


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