Technologies Used

IBM Bluemix

Project Team

Joris van Rijn
Entrepreneur Developer
Glenn Bergmans
Entrepreneur Developer
Rene Floor
Entrepreneur Developer
Bas Schleijpen
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Gustavo Leal

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


The peer2peer solution to connect Vietnam's brightest. In this source folder you'll find the minimum viable product of teachi which has been made as a proof of concept. In "/user interface design" and "/user experience design" the sketches for a second version of the system can be found. Please visit to see a live version of the system (running on a IBM Bluemix server). We have created the system based on Laravel (PHP) as a back-end framework and bootstrap (HTML5, CSS3) as a front-end framework. The user interface designs were made in Sketch, the logo in Adobe Illustrator. Next to that we have only used basic editors (Sublime & VIM, just the pure text editors). Visit


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