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Guilherme Moura Nascimento
Hidemi Mitsuishi
Johalf Farina
Matheus Marsiglio

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Product Manager Investor


Regardless of income, age or education, women around the world are subject to physical, sexual or psychologic violence. Mostly, the abuser is the intimate partner of victim. Which makes dificult to her to ask for help by several reasons as: keeping the family together, feelings for the abuser, religion, culture, self steem and financial dependence. For this last one, we created the Homy. Homy is a platform of domestic services, which housewives can offer their services in a convenient way. For example, instead of cooking for 10 people to make some money. The housewives could be cooking for one or more people, sew one more button in a shirt and wash some more clothes.So they can make some extra money with her daily basis by their own home. For the costumer, besides he spend less money to contract a service, he also can find a provider easily, with a clearly and safe payment method: the payment is collected, but stays blocked on the service provider wallet until the costumer get his service done, providing insurance for damage on their assets. We also will find on our way unbanked people, and for those we built a solution: at the sign up, we'll provide an option for this user receive a pre-paid credit card, where we will totally integrate with the user MasterPass Wallet and connect them to create a easy way to make this user be financially included, allowing to buy on internet or any other physical place who accepts credit card transactions.


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