Bring opportunity to seniors


Technologies Used

MasterCard SimplifyCommerce

Project Team

Juan Carlos Viramontes

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


There are a lot of people over 60 years, needing the opportunity to be included economical and emotional. So why not bring them the chance to cook for other and earn recognition and respect. How it works. 1. People order food in advance for a weekly lunch or special event. 2. we post the order to the senior, and send them all they need through local grocery store. 3. They cook with love in their homes. 4. We pickup the lovely food and deliver to the customer. 5. Senior get paid through debit card. To have an idea about the market size, pizza delivery market is 10 billion dollars annually. So why not bring the opportunity to our senior to recover his self esteem and be part of economic activity?


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