EasyPayment ING

Payment using a QR Code through a mobile app.



Technologies Used

Windows Azure
Windows 8.1 Mobile App

Project Team

Developer Entrepreneur
Efe Mayoğlu
Entrepreneur Developer

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Product Manager Investor


EasyPayment is an "EFT" based payment solution that uses QR code to transmit the needed data to proceed with the payment using a mobile app. The problems solved with EasyPayment: EasyPayment will solve the problem of passing your credit cards to the shop keeper every time you buy something, and will omit the risk of having your cards copied or your passwords stolen. In addition to these making the process faster and more secure, and less time consuming. Stages of the payment process: Stage 1: At this stage the Shop keeper select the table to customer is at, and then select the ordered menu on his management EasyPayment app, and click on generate QR code, the app automatically calculates the money to be payed and generates a QR code containing transfer data, menu ordered and the due amount of money to be payed. The QR code is displayed on a screen facing to customer. Stage 2: The customer reads the QR code using his EasyPayment app installed on his phone, then the app displays the data provided by the QR code, Payment data, Ordered menu, and due amount of money to pay. The app asks for a confirmation by password, or face recognition in later version of the app, before processing the payment. Stage 3: At this stage, the customer, after checking all and accepting the payment by entering his password as a confirmation, the payment is processed and the money is transferred from the customer's account, ING account in this case, to the shop's account. **** Thoughts on the app: (Mainly the customer side) EasyPayment can be implemented in three different way, 1st: As an independent app that will have only to read the QR code and process the payment. 2nd: As an integrated option on the already existing ParaMara of ING bank to give it an added value, and give the users the choice of which specific credit card they want to make the payment from. 3rd: Both of the above in order to give the users more flexibility.