Tournameme by Chain Cards

Silly Blockchain card game

Las Vegas


Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails
Blockchain Wallets
Blockchain API

Project Team

Jon Bittner
Developer Entrepreneur
Zoe Chaves
Eric Mayefsky
Developer Entrepreneur

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Chain Cards is on a mission to accelerate BTC adoption, with a focus on the Millenial and Gen Z groups. We seek to augment BTC adoption by creating Blockchain-backed digital assets that users will cherish and interact with on a daily basis. In addition to creating original assets, Chain Cards is a publishing house for other entities that wish to sell or crowdsource digital goods using the Blockchain as a record of ownership. Tournameme is demonstration of Chain Cards at play. It's a simple, hilarious social game played with virtual cards that have user ownership coded into the Blockchain. Users choose packs of champion cards (like Cat Memes) to enter into tournaments. Tournaments consist of tongue in cheek challenges such as "Who would win in a duel where both parties are wielding swordfish?" The whole Tournameme community may vote for the participating champion that most deserves this ridiculous accolade. Winners and losers alike will get satisfaction in seeing the silly champion match-ups and challenges.