Effective E-mail Marketing Campaigns By Rewarding Opens with Bitcoin

Las Vegas


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Rachel Tsao
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Devin Finzer
Entrepreneur Developer
Manu Lakkur

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Product Manager Investor


Every day we get an overwhelming number of emails. To cut through the noise, some mark messages as “IMPORTANT” or “URGENT” or lure people with catchy subject lines. But the experience of checking and sending email for an everyday user remains painful. We aim to turn our noisy email inboxes into a dynamic marketplace — starting with a tool for salespeople, marketers, and everyday consumers. Bitmail’s Chrome gmail extension plugs into existing email clients to allow an individual to reward users who open their emails with bits (fractions of Bitcoins). When a user composes a new email, he has the option to “boost" his email by tying it to a bitcoin reward, and can select the metrics he wants to optimize (open rates, click rates, or inbox priority). He can also choose to distribute the reward within a time frame of 12, 24, or 48 hours so users have an incentive for urgency. On our side, we create an aliased email address that tracks in real time all the metrics associated and issues payments. When users check their email, they see an Emoji 💰 in the subject that indicates that they can earn bitcoin upon opening the email. We handle the distribution of these rewards across blockchain. Demo Story: Devin is a recruiter at BitMail and wants to incentivize talented engineers to learn more about opportunities there. He is able to send potential candidates emails that award them with bits of bitcoin if they open, reply, or have the email boosted in their inbox. Here Devin sends Rachel a targeted bitmail where she can earn 30 cents in bitcoin for opening and replying. She replies that she would love to have a phone screen and sees the bitcoin paid in her bitcoin wallet.


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