Smartest and Safest Travel Application as Whole



Technologies Used

Adobe Photoshop
MasterCard Lost-Stolen Account List
MasterCard Simplify Commerce
Microsoft Azure
MasterCard APIs
Microsoft Band
Plivo Voice API
Windows 10

Project Team

Bertuğ Berkay YEMEN
Şeyma Sever
Burak Bayram
Fatih Dumanlı
Mehmet Reha Bayar

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


ROLL defined a whole, very smart travel application which lets the user plan whole travel journey at once. What does it do? The application lets a user buys flights and make reservation for hotels, online, easliy at once. It's a social platfrom as well. Users may create topics such as for sharing a cab from an airport to city center. ROLL is cloud powered. User has a profile and the profile stores badges as reward of purchases. Those badges spesificly can be used for future travels as coupons and discounts. This makes ROLL fun and unexampled. User's profile is connected to a Microsoft Band, step and distance parameters are taken from the smartwacth which brings badges to the profile of user from a "journey" bought on our application. Users are also able to earn badges by simply making purchases, traveling, walking. What is the impact? ROLL is a very smart application that allows to a user to plan and purchase whole of a vocation. Thus, user will not need to look anywhere else. It's also a social platform. Users may share a cab or drive to city center and meet. This could solve to problem of getting the city center more socially and cheaper. ROLL is world first smartwacth connected travel application. This is a lot of fun. User gets badges by simply consuming distance. We believe ROLL make you feel connected. Badge system make it feel connected. How is our design? Our badges are uniquely designed for each specific purchases, so it's cool. Each badges unlocked are designed for the spesific situation. User interface is very simple to use and designed to provide best experience for the user. It only takes few baby steps to get Moscow or Rome for the weekend. User is able to see the countries traveled on the profile page. What did we do for creativity? We connected to Microsoft Band to ROLL and when a user buys a flight or hotel; during the specific dates, ROLL reads the distance and step variables. The thing brings badges to the user. Badge means discount, coupon or award! If a user is traveling a lot, this will bring the user another badge. For example, if a user buys a night flight, user will get a "Sleepwalker" badge which is related to %5 discount for next purchase. What is simplicity for us? The ROLL is very simple application and very easy to use. Our user interface design aims to provide the best experience. User logs in with an email and password. Easily navigates from first reservation steps of flights and hotels to purchase steps. Baby steps. MasterCard APIs that we have used? We used the Simplify Commerce in order to receive payments. Users navigates through the payment page and easily pays. We used the Lost/Stolen API in order to detect Lost or Stolen accounts. We also created a warning system to report to cardholder that Lost/Stolen account tried to being used. ROLL makes a call to cardholder to report that. To Sum Up, ROLL is a social and fun travel platform for flight purchases and hotel reservations using MasterCard's Simplify Commarce and Lost/Stolen API technologies. It's wolrd's first smartwatch connected travel application.