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Marie-Helene Halle
Genevieve Lalonde
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Joanna Burgess
Pascale Dewingaerde

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Our idea is called Tripping Teachers, which is a way to connect teachers around the world through travel. The site has 3 major components. When you first arrive, you create a profile page, once you do this, you can start creating your travel books. In the travel book, you can record where you've been and what you've done; it will include a place for field notes, photo albums and videos. Everything will be geolocated and you can tag in for your future reference or for other teachers who might be doing research on that location. Once your travel book is published, it's available to the whole community. People can search by the destination they plan to visit. When they get their search results, they will have basic information about their destination and they'll see a list of teachers who have created travel books for that location. They will be able to access those travel books and contact teachers by sending them postcards, which is our internal email. The 2nd component of the site is community generated and community moderated public groups. Anyone can make a group, anyone can join a group. The last component is our collaborative classroom feature. This is where teachers who have connected can create a private invite-only space to create curriculum and projects. Teachers will be able to share documents, edit them, share photos and videos. We are planning to use Box to support this feature. This site will also contain a searchable database that contains information about travel grants and other resources that will help them see the world!


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