Hardware-Proenforce-Management System

Full automation of public transport and pro-enforcement of traffic rules.



Technologies Used

Accelerometer Modules
Arduino uno
Arduino Development

Project Team

Akhil Sabu Varughese
Developer Designer Entrepreneur

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


• Identifying the conductor and driver in public transport. • Identifying whether the driver of the public transport is drunk or not. • Identifying whether the seat belt is used or not. • Identifying the actual location of the vehicle. • Updating the 12-point feature continuously. • Speed limit law enforcement is done using the hardware. • Recording the data’s of public transports working as a black-box. • Real time centralized system for controlling the speed and traffic in specific locations as fast as possible. • Giving directions during the drivers and users as fast as possible during the road block and emergency. • During the crash or accident immediate care can be given to the spot by locating the nearest ambulance in the centralized system and giving immediate care and alerts the nearest help desk of the hospitals so that they can be ready with emergency care. • The device can identify the speed limit areas and will instruct the driver to reduce the accordingly. • The device can help to identify the time to reach nearest bus stops so that the persons can identify which bus he has to depend for travelling- smart display • The vehicle will start only if the license is inserted with a pin which is only know to the driver if 12 points is expired the driver won’t be able to drive the vehicle first time a warning will be given and the points will be reinstated if the crime is repeated continuously the license will be revoked for three years. • Time keeping of buses. • Stopping of buses in all stops. • No: of persons in the bus. • Giving awareness on road-traffic rules. • Which helps to prevent children from using car. • Prevents usage of multiple registration number and fake documentation • Can provide a repository of all the traffic violation by a driver • Smart traffic alert • Easy bus schedule • Guard against theft • Gives public awareness • Smart bus-bays • Storage of data pertaining to the vehicles like pollution registration etc. along with the service of the vehicle its conditions the persons who authorized etc. Mileage collection per vehicle etc. • Smart labor id detection. • Linking with Indian standard Time (IST). • Medium for public to report offences. • Smart cards for accessing public transport. • Smart bus station. • Intelligent traffic islands • Disaster Management system in case of emergency situations drivers will be alerted to give way for emergency services including ambulance fire services disaster responsive team this same can be extended to make arrangements for special situations like transfer of organ, visit of dignitaries like the President of India etc. • In short we ensure the full automation of public transport and pro-enforcement of traffic rules and regulations and thus ensuring safe and hassle free travel


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