[Software] PRANA (Public Road Accident Notification Assistant)

Creating a new culture in road safety and rescue management through a cross platform app



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Thahir Maheen
Mini BI
Faiz Mohamed Haneef
Developer Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


We aim to support Government to connect their different departments that support Emergency as well as run a volunteer program that fills the gap of our existing Emergency Management system. A system that works on all platforms that is intelligent enough to notify the RIGHT people who are available to support on an emergency. It also helps to build a change in our culture (Especially in the youth) on Road Safety. It help us to head towards 100% Road Safety and Emergency Management Literacy in Kerala. <BR> Problem To Solve: a) 30% of accident death happens just due to our improper Emergency Managemnet System. b) Proper Literacy on emergency management is not there for common man and people doesn't know its importance. c) People who are available in the nearby location of an accident which (includes Doctors, Nurses etc) are not aware about the accident as they are not on the road. d) People fear to notify police about accidents e) There is not proper Blood Donors DB quickly accessible based on location. Anyone can join Prana Circle by sharing his phone number, current location and blood group. There will be a online gamified training program in the app to make them literate on Emergency Management and Road Safety. Apart from Training, the system empower the Prana Volunteer with two simple buttons. 1. Report an Accident 2. Request for Blood Clicking Report and Accident, it will send notification to nearest ambulance, police station, hospitals and also to Prana Volunteers available within 3 kms radius of accident spot at that moment. -If a volunteer is available in the location he can accept the task and see route map to rush towards the location. As our volunteer can contain Doctors, Nurses, and trained Emergency managers that could help the victim can receive proper first aid even before the ambulance arrive. - On tapping Request for blood, it will ask to select the blood group and send notification to the volunteers available with the particular blood group. Why should you be part of Prana Volunteer? When you become victim of an accident some stranger need to support you. So you should be ready to support a stranger on emergency. Together as a team, we can build a new culture of Road Safety in Kerala and become a role model for the whole world. Note : We were the first one to achieve 100% literacy with volunteer program. Prana can take you towards 100% literacy in Emergency Management & Road Safety with better technology support. https://bitbucket.org/faizmh/prana-frontend https://bitbucket.org/faizmh/prana-backend


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