Goal-setting and Motivation Crowdsourcing App



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Catie Chong
Ren D'vila
Designer Entrepreneur

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Most girls have problems saving. They spend impulsively on branded goods because they cannot visualize the future and the purpose of savings. After all, a Channel bag now creates more happiness than a condominium 10 years later. Besides, there are a lot more uncertainties in the future and most girls don't like to think about it. They'd like to think that their future husband will take care of everything (Well not all of them but a lot of them). Even if they set a goal to save some money, it's hard to maintain the discipline of consistent saving and after awhile, they simply lose the motivation. We want to build an app that help them visualize their financial goals by "Vouching your goals". Besides, we will have the count down system to keep them focused on the goal, and the shares feature for other people with the similar goals to join their vouch. All "vouchees" motivate each others towards achieving their goals. In the future, it can be scaled into a "futures" based e-commerce "Groupon / Ebay" site where merchandisers can sell their products to this group of challengers and "future buyers" at some discounted rate. Also, it can be scaled to become a platform for financial services providers, such as Mastercard to collect the challengers' savings and provide interests if they keep their consistent savings or impose penalty if they fail to save money needed for the challenge.