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vishal varun
Raghava Krishna Yamsani
Developer Entrepreneur

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OffComm Which is built on SOC is portable and emits Wi-Fi Signals.Some of the usecases are Voice Communication,Messaging,Video calling,Digital Menu and Advertising in malls. At AngelHack Voice communication is modified and we built a digital menu. Applications of Voice Communication are Event Management,Intercoms and Disaster Management. To organize a successful event, a good facility for communication among the event management members is a necessity. Good Communication is possible with the mobile phones with GSM network but it is charged and GSM network must be readily available in that area. Whereas using our application people can communicate freely within the area event being organized with their existing phone numbers. People in the closed communities and the Major Industries are provided with the intercom facility for the communication. Intercoms are static and are fixed to a particular place they need to go a particular place for any kind of communication. Establishing an intercom network setup takes time and man power, it also lot of pre-planning to establish an intercom network. Our product will overcome all the shortfalls of an intercom network and can be established in negligible time compared to intercom network. It will also replace the existing one within the range of about 500 mts radius (can be extended ). During the Disaster because of loss of network and power breakdown, there is no means of communication between the people who are in dangerous situations. First Response Team will be moved to that place with some basic equipment. If the disaster management team and first response team carries our Product, they can create an instant communication network thereby establishing a channel for communication among people who have a mobile phone (Wi-Fi connectivity). At Angelhack we built digital menu for restaurants,shopping malls etc which makes ordering simpler and hassle free. When people connect to the Wi-Fi network in Shopping malls Automatically OffComm App displays about the movies offers in that respected mall.


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