Hertz Ride

Airport lift by Hertz customers

Redwood City


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Project Team

Jing Zhu
Designer Entrepreneur Corporate

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Product Manager Investor


Description Hertz Ride is a new business model which can be embedded as a new feature in the current Hertz mobile application. Using Hertz Ride, Hertz customers can offer rides to other users going to the same direction after they pick up their rental cars. For instance, a traveler arrives at an airport and picks up his rental car at the airport. In the same Hertz app, he can offer to pick someone up on his way back to the airport on the same date that he is scheduled to fly out. The new Hertz Ride mobile app feature will help users (both driver and rider) match the rides, coordinate the time and location of pickup and dropoff, as well as handle the payment transaction through various embedded sensors and APIs, i.e., accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth LE, in-app messaging, payment authentication, etc... The driver will be compensated by the rider. Rider will enjoy a friendly, "town-car" style service with a much more reasonable cost. Hertz will receive a small service fee and have two much happier customers. In summary, with a couple taps, you can save money, help a "friend", and make our environment a bit cleaner.


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