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Wu Guan Qun
Rishi Varman
Designer Entrepreneur

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Grouper. The Door to the Creative Genius. Introducing Grouper, a cross platform solution for you to share your ideas and find collaborators or supporters to further develop and make your idea a reality. Share your idea, sort it by category and find ideas to match your interests and skill set to work on. Or just let Grouper do the work for you and recommend ideas for you to work on. Whatever your interests and skill set, Grouper always has something for you to work on. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Features: - STUNNING USER INTERFACE. A User Interface that is designed with the user in mind and puts the content in focus, at the same time allowing supreme ease of use. - FLEXIBILITY. Ideas are not restricted to certain categories but rather they could be anything under the sun. Start events, projects or even product ideas. Grouper is always open to any type of idea. - SUPPORT OR COLLABORATE. Maybe you find an idea that really interests you but you are not ready to commit. You could always just support the idea so that the creator gets a sense of the type of reception he can expect. Or if you are really interested you could collaborate with the creator and work on the idea with him. - SKILL TAGGING. Allow others to see the skills you possess on your profile, or indicate the skills you look for in people when you find support for your idea. This is a transparent medium for everyone to see the skills you need to possess for you to be up for the challenge. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Extra Features in the Web App and coming soon to Android ------------------------------------------------------------------ - SORTING FEATURES. The Android App currently sorts ideas by the popularity but soon it will gain the ability found in the Web App to sort by "New" and "Recommended" as well. The "Recommended" sorting feature refers to your skill tags to sort ideas that you are most suited for. - SEARCHING FEATURES. The Android App currently doesn't offer the search feature but soon it will gain the ability found in the Web App to search by the Title, Category and even Skill Tags required. - COLLABORATIVE TOOLS. Grouper is cross platform with a web app for iOS users and website for desktop users, topping it off with a native Android app. These tools allow users to communicate with a chat room, or even allow the creator to personally contact you for further action. - PERSONAL PROFILE. Allow others to see your talents with a custom profile page for each user, which includes a profile picture, your bio, your skill tags and all the ideas you have shared so far. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Grouper can be accessed at for the web version and accessing the same site on mobile devices will redirect to the optimised mobile version, along with this native Android application that will soon gain all features found in the Web Version. With Grouper, the creative revolution in Singapore will be completely changed. And this is just the beginning.