Test,train and employ



Technologies Used

Basic JS: Basic PHP; Basic Python: Basic Android: Basic iOS

Project Team

Kunal Jain
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Divyansh Jain
Dhruv Pandya
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Anirudh singh
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Parth Patel
Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


In this developing country unemployment is the basic and the biggest challenge our country faces right now.Around 58% of unemployed graduates and 62% of unemployed post graduates cited non-availability of jobs matching with education/skill and experience as the main reason for unemployment.. So we aim to eradicate educated unemployment.So basically what we do is we connect employers to employment seekers indirectly through our app. A company tests job seekers through a standardized testing process.So we will create an efficient and single testing process by receiving inputs from various established and new companies.We’ll ask companies for their requirements and the general papers will be slotted and furthermore tests will be on the required pattern.An AI will update and make tests for the job seekers.Based on the score of the test companies will train the job seekers according their requirements job from sweeper to a CEO can be given through test score. Here every company from shops to fortune 500 companies and 12th pass to post graduates will register.And companies will train the employees.So we will charge companies on per employer provided and job seekers will be required to pay for per test given. So that's how we plan to change our nation.


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