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Our ICU platform brings blockchain technology to the charity sector.

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Our ICU platform brings blockchain technology to the charity sector The biggest problem is not the lack of money to help the causes that awakens our humanity, it is not the lack of associations to help in the development of a community that needs this help and neither is the lack of investors to make it possible. For example nonprofits have been losing credibility through numerous corruption scandals. In 2010, for example, the Red Cross raised $ 500 million to build 130,000 houses in Haiti: what would you have done with your donation when you realized that, eight years later, only six houses had been built? The continued decline in trust by potential donors, therefore, seems justifiable, in the US, 35% have little or no confidence in them. In the United Kingdom, the numbers are not promising: and the explanation for their reduction in donations is that scandals have had an impact on the reputation of charities. Being a platform then what would we be connecting? Donors to their causes, associations to community that need their help, investors to projects that are worth the investment. The ICU would be based on a simple solution based on 3 vectors: Transparency: Thanks to Blockchain technology, one of the benefits will be the ability to track donors and see how their money is being deployed and spent in real time. No record can be deleted in the blockchain, thus providing 100% credibility to the ecosystem. Reliability through Smart Contracts: So if predetermined processes or conditions are not met, Smart Contracts will ensure that donors or investors get their money back or redirect them to other causes. See the results: We want to make available in VR (virtual reality) the possibility of following the causes that the donors choose to invest in them, seeing the final results. We want be the first African platform working in this direction. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (Learning Machine) we would reduce our operative costs, and using VR Technology, we would reduce travel costs for the donors to see how much their money changed the life of people. Through the ICU Platform we could change the whole ecosystem of charity.


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