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About this event

Mixin Network just releases its first global developer competition to offer a platform for all developers with insights to show their talent. Totally 1000XIN, equals to $150,000 according to the current market are rewarded for genius developers in this competition.

Vision of Mixin Network 1st Developer Competition

Mixin Network, with the name of “Mix all blockchains in one network”, has made great progress since it was established. It has supported 13 main chains, over 50000 cryptocurrencies and full-featured bots that help diversify the transaction using experience of its exclusive crypto wallet- Mixin Messenger. Over 100 million transactions and 50 million dollars of crypto assets have been completed so far. In order to forge ahead of pursuit of improving its transaction and development technology ecosystem, Mixin Network hosts its first developer competition to focus on wider fields with blockchain technologies applied, and also provide a platform for all blockchain enthusiasts and developers to show their talent. This competition will last for almost two months, and participants are empowered to modify their entries before the deadline: Jan.4, 2019.

Respectable Rewards for Genius Participants

Totally $150,000 are set as rewards pool for all genius participants. The first prize can even win 300XIN, equals to $45,000 according to the current market.

Besides, all participants will be lucky to get the exclusive development guide from the first-tier developers with years of programming & software development experience, including Cedric Fung, CEO and founder of Mixin Network, Li Lin, Director of Mixin Labs, and Huo Ju, CTO of

Endorsement of Grand Judge Panel

Besides the founding members who work as the mentors in this competition, prestigious investor Jeffrey Wernick, early Bitcoin investor who has been successful in betting in favor of startups and cryptocurrencies before their mass success, Dr.Joseph.Liu, Hcash Chief Scientist and “God father of Monero”, and Dr. Jiangshan.Yu, assistant professors in cyber security of Monash University, are invited to be the members of judge in this competition.


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