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    Aplicacion movil para ciclismo

    Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· Laravel PHP


    Apoyo a micro empresas con rutas de negocio

    Ajax· Google Map API· Bootsrap· Advanced Javascript· mysql· backend-php

    Smart ID

    Tarjeta ciudadana multipropósito· RFID Modules· ESP8266· Arduino IDE· NodeJS· Angular


    Sistema Inteligente de seguridad vial Automatizada.

    light sensors· Android App Developer· Autodesk AutoCAD· arduino· raspberry pi 3· IOT sensor

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    Top Secret

    Get ready to be blown away

    Assembly language

    Intelligent surveillance

    Making existing surveillance camera smarter

    Open CV· awsMachineLearning· Medium: Python· You

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    rompiendo la barrera del sonido !!

    Azure Machine Learning· andriod studio

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    VR, AI assistant

    Google Map API· Google geocoding api· IBM Watson Speech to Text API· Unity Cardboard SDK· Google Streetview API

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    Bot to Match financial products with people

    Neural Networks· GNU/Linux· python· TensorFlow· facebook bots· Chatfuel

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    VR pizza ordering with AI recommendations

    Unity3D· Unity· AzureRecommendationsAPI


    The way we avoid bullyng

    Azure· Computer Vision· Deep Learning· Advanced Python· Data Science· NLP

    Bones 3D

    Medical assistant for diagnosis of bones diseases

    3d printing· Artificial Intelligence· Biomedical Engineering

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    Better notetaking easier & faster

    Azure· Advanced Python· React· RStudio

    Accesos oculares

    Mediante la camara del device queremos hacer un tracking de la...

    Advanced Javascript

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    Lincoln CS

    Cognitive assistant for trade

    flask· java script· HTML · tensorflow

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    Optimización en atención medica

    Windows Universal App· ASP.NET· Azure Machine Learning· Azure Web Apps· IBM Watson Visual Recognition API· C#

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    Vinco Intelligence

    Efficient Health Management

    Azure· c#

    Safe Maps

    App de rutas seguras

    Advanced Python· microsoft cognitive services· Azure· Advanced Javascript· React;

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    Test Project

    The best form filling program to test correct event launches

    NumPy· Python · sklearn


    A chat bot app that offers a variety of bank services.

    NLP· AI· Microsoft Azure· JSON·· C#

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