Patient Intake Forms

Use HumanAPI data and DocuSign!

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JavaScript · node.js · Amazon AWS · CSS · Docusign


Sweet idea, helpful in that if weight and height info are accurate enough, has potential to improve workflow as this is the first thing nurses do when a patient enters the clinic. (hgt, wgt, heart rate, bp, etc)

Johann Romefort

lot of sales challenges to doctor involved

Dan Dascalescu

Would help to explain it from both perspectives, patient and doctor, e.g. patient just uses the HumanAPI product, doctor just gets a printed form; BTW, how would that form fit in the doctors' systems if they have different fields?

Roger Lam

very challenging data entry standards, much fragmentation in the market place for legacy system change out.

Mike Borozdin

Video of the project here:

Mike Borozdin

Looking for a kick ass frontend hacker!