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Techie everything cool music oriented mapping

Stack & APIs
Python · Adobe Photoshop

Eric Ang

Using Rdio to stream your music and you can find Seeing which song people around you are listening to Good job with the video you played

JT Bowler

Nice way to visualize where friends are listening to music. Can see a couple ways the data could be used.

Karen Wertman

What people are listening to in your area. Promote music from the area. Twitter feeds from album, artist. Real time. What are people listening to - interact with them.

Thomas Bouldin

Is this a real project or a mockup? Everyone loves the "hyper local discovery" space, though these sorts of apps seem to presume a network effect.

Nick Quinlan

Great long idea with good plans for the future. Low feature parity between video and app. Lotsa hard coding.

Ching-Wei Chen

mostly mocked up

Jenelle Feole

We have a FB at: Twitter @Hoodmusicmap Also, check out our presentation