Streaming centered around full album experiences.

Stack & APIs
Python · Echo Nest API · Angular.js

Eric Ang

Cool idea, glad to see UI design was incorporated into your app. Would love to see a mobile aspect of this in the future.

Ching-Wei Chen

cross media for music rdio echo nest gracenote

Thomas Bouldin

Mostly concerned that the app seemed built upon hard-coded data. The view is pretty novel, but somewhat restrictive.

JT Bowler

Cool hack - like the idea of browsing by albums and seeing some related stuff.

Ashara Ekundayo

3 folks - music interplay w/ songs i like the most, "in rotation." album driven plays in that artists catalog. used rdio api, echonest and grace note (had to hack the 3 apis) as they werent as compatible as u would think.

Nick Quinlan

Album based discovery. RDio, Echonest, Gracenote

Mike Truskowski

hey guys, please add me?