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Edmundo Fausto

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About this event


The Ontario Climate Consortium welcomes you to its first-ever climate data competition — part of our 2017 Ontario Climate Symposium at York University.

We invite laboratories at academic institutions and/or groups of students from Ontario Universities in any discipline and all levels of experience to come together to form inter-disciplinary teams and participate in the development of an innovative programming and design solution to a practical climate change data problem.

Participate to solve real-world problems, network with our mentors, win prizes, and get a better understanding of the opportunities that exist.

Enter for a chance to win a $5,000.00 cash prize!

For more information and to register visit:


Climate change remains one of the most important issues of our time. Access to reliable, understandable climate data that is easy to use, yet captures the complexities and uncertainty of climate modeling, is paramount to reducing climate impacts and risk.

Many users in Ontario have encountered difficulty in understanding the data they are obtaining online — and, in particular, the uncertainties associated with it.

Geographic information systems and maps have been used to display and communicate climate data, but uncertainty remains a difficult aspect to incorporate and interpret.

Your challenge is to disrupt the way climate data is currently displayed online, to make it more accessible and understandable. We want you to challenge the status quo, and consider new and innovative ways to display, communicate and represent the uncertainty within a climate dataset.

At this event, teams are challenged to develop code, tools, widgets, and any other ideas you may have to improve the understanding of uncertainty in climate data.


  • Thursday
  • Schedule for the day is not published
  • Friday
  • Hacking can begin!



GUIDELINES Teams of 3-6 people (must be composed of students. Teams can include Bachelors, Masters or PhD students.) maximum need to register by the deadline (please submit a registration here...


  • Teams of 3-6 people (must be composed of students. Teams can include Bachelors, Masters or PhD students.) maximum need to register by the deadline (please submit a registration here: ).
  • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation of your participation in the event. This will include a package with the climate model dataset everyone will be working with.
  • We encourage your team to begin to work on a solution before the competition date; however, access to mentors will only be available on the day of the event. There will be approximately six hours to develop or adjust your solution during the two days of the Symposium.
  • Desk space will be provided for your team at the event. Please bring any materials you may need to develop your solution (e.g., your laptop, charger, software, scripts, copies of the registration package, notebook, and/or notes).
  • Teams can build their solution from scratch or leverage existing software available to them to build their solutions*. Your team is expected to have any needed software to develop your solution pre-installed (licenses or software will not be provided).

*Participants are not allowed to submit content that is copyrighted.


  • There will be two rounds of judging during the competition; both occurring on Day Two of the symposium.
  • During Round One, judges will hear the preliminary pitches from all teams and fill out a scoring sheet on each team.
  • Teams will then have time to update or make final changes to their pitches.
  • Round Two will occur in the late afternoon and each team will make their final pitches to the judges, followed by the announcement of the winner.
  • The top five project teams will pitch their solution on the main stage.
  • A winner will be announced after the Second Round.