The first, and most important part: You own anything you create! DealerOn does not claim ownership of any of the code or projects created at this event. Just don't use any DealerOn proprietary code. If you would like to use something (like Torque) in your product, please work with Jon, Devito, or your manager to work that out.

If you wish to work with/modify any DealerOn property, all modifications must be non-destructive. Meaning, they should be reversible and not require making permanent adjustments to the property. Things like the Arcade Machine, TVs, Phones, Computers, and Dart machine are primary candidates.

Projects should fit in one of 4 categories (Progressive Web App, Mobile App, Hardware, or Integration). It is up to the team to decide which category best represents their project. For example, you may build a mobile app, but it is integration several other tools or APIs together to provide a better experience. You could choose to submit this under Integration or Mobile App depending on which you felt the product was a better representation of.

Projects should also fit one of 3 core themes, which will be revealed on the day of the event.

Preliminary teams (up to 3 people) can form prior to the event, either on this website or in the Hipchat channel devoted to the event. Final teams (up to 5 people) will be formed at the start of the Hackathon. This is to allow teams to adjust as ideas are formed leading up to the event.

Final details regarding the hacks will be release at the opening ceremony of the event. This will include prize announcements and details relating to judging.

Teams will submit their project for judging through this Hackathon.IO website. Staff will be on hand to help you with your submission and we will host several short meetings prior to the event to help everyone become familiar with the tools in use.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone involved is there to have fun and make cool stuff. Please be courteous to your teammates, other teams, and the staff.
  • Food will be provided. (Dinner on the 18th, Breakfast and Lunch on the 19th, Snacks in between)
  • Working through the night and taking naps on DealerOn premises is allowed, but is not mandatory. You are free to go home and work with your team in your own space after the opening ceremony and before the start of presentations.
  • One external person is allowed per team, so invite your friends! You can send them to this link in order to sign up (https://goo.gl/forms/RDirPA1oALyzHR372)