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About this event

ChatBots are on the edge of becoming the primary means of communications instead of apps while a user has to switch apps in order to do a different task a chatbot can solve that by simple messaging reshaping the way we communicate.

We are a small group from India formed to turn our idea into a Unique event providing a middleware to the communication of the future.

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Contact : +91-9177251060


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Bots are third party applications that run inside the apps. Users can interact with the bots by sending messages, commands, and queries. The bot transfers the Message using the RESTful web services...

Bots are third party applications that run inside the apps. Users can interact with the bots by sending messages, commands, and queries. The bot transfers the Message using the RESTful web services. The competition is to test your bot building skills and if your bot answers every meaningless natural language with your innovative design algorithm based on the complexity the bots are ranked.

Problem Statement:

The participants are expected to build their bots based on any programming language of Framework, The level of Complexity may be increased as your pass through the Rounds.

Rules and Regulations:

All the Team members should follow the rules held by the Campus. Each team can consist of Minimum of 4 Members to 6 Members and Each and every student should carry a valid ID card from your respective college. If the Entire bot’s source code is from the Internet your team will be disqualified although we allow you to copy some snippets of code and you can also use a Bot Framework like Pandora Bot, Microsoft Bot Framework. If the Team isn’t able to deliver the ChatBot in given time they will be disqualified. The Event organizers have to the right to change any rules mentioned above based environmental conditions. All the decisions made by the Coordinators are Final. If there is an issue with the Internet Connection assistance will be provided and Time to build the bot will be extended, but it preferable to bring you own Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Participation Requirements:

A Team name and Bot name should be provided in your abstract. Every team member must be pursuing a UG/PG in a recognized university or College. A team must have least of 4 members and to the Max of 6 members. Multiple Teams from the same college are allowed

Bot Specifications:

Participants can use any language/Framework

Contest Rounds: Single round. 24 hours to build. Then 10 minutes demo after it. Winners will have to give “how they built it” presentation (30-40 min)

Registration Process:

Participants have to submit the abstract giving the Complete Description of their Idea. They must explain the Entire Technology stack that they are going to use in their Bot. The entire Abstract with Team members name, email, the phone number must be provided. The leader of the Team should be specified in the Abstract. If the Bot was build from already written source code the will not make it to the Qualification Round. If the Idea is selected a Confirmation email will be sent to the Team. If the Bot is already built as your personal project you can submit it, but building the bot in the contest is preferable for more points.

Abstract :

Participants are required to submit an Abstract with following constraints

Assign a Cool name for your Bot. A brief description of your idea on what you are going to solve using your bot. If it is a commercial Application you should notify us with an email. You need to specify the entire technology stack that you are going to use to build your Bot. A prototype will be expected from you once if we approve your idea.

Judging Criteria:

It is based on the following the innovation of the idea applicability to a social cause interface working - ability to answer queries from simple to complex demo quality

Accommodation: Will be provided at college itself (Free of Charge)

Food: Will be provided at college itself (Free of Charge)

Train Fare: Please bring a xerox Copy of your Ticket The management will pay you the cost of the Ticket entire Round Trip.

For any Queries Please contact

Harikrishna Mekala -> 9177251060 Email :