Battle of the Bay

Which city has better taste in music, Oakland, or San Francisco?

Stack & APIs
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We used the Twitter API and Gracenote metadata to analyze the genres and moods of music being shared on different music services (Pandora, Rdio, Soundtracking, Spotify), and create an Rdio playlist of the songs being Tweeted.

Ashara Ekundayo

used twitter to see what cities were sharing. @pandora, imlistening to and app i i the mood. uses mood criteria and shows how many songs are listed in that genre. also used diff. musoc services ie rdio, pandora.

Thomas Bouldin

Fun visualization, good use of mood information.

Karen Wertman

Parsed tweets to find out what music is being listened to. Like that it's local and interactive. Plays songs on rdio. Compare cities. Fun.

JT Bowler

I thought this was gonna be another boring map app. Really cool idea and interesting to look at the results

Nick Quinlan

Compare SF v. Oakland for music taste. Gracenote, Rdio, Twitter.

Tyler Singletary

Great interface and way to visualize the pulse.