Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator
Amazon RDS
PHP Programmer

Project Team

Jitender Thakur
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Nancy Chan
Developer Designer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


• How can you use data to identify the people of this lost world? • Ans:Face recognition and biometrics • How can you help consumers gain more access to their own data that maybe held in closed/proprietary sources? • Ans:You create your identity on fly with your own validation period. OTP o Validity for 1 week or so on. • How can you help them to be financially included? They can add any foreign bank to profile and get financial inclusion • How would you go and create one digital identity? Ans: QR code with video and face authentication • How would you ensure that data is held safely and securely? Ans: Data is saved on Biod service amazon RDS. We have webservice to cross check data with DMV and financial Institution. • How do you improve the customer journey for members of this world with accessibility needs? • Ans: It will be a universal identity authentication and authorization mechanism