To Analyze Water usage of an individual on a hourly/daily basis and predict the time taken for the overhead tank to refill.

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Azure Machine Learning

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Less than 1% of the world's fresh water (~0.007% of all water on Earth) is accessible for direct human uses, found in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and those underground sources that are shallow enough to be tapped at an affordable cost. Survey suggests High income households tend to consume 250L and sometimes as high as 600L. Many homes on the other hand make to do with as little as 40 L. 18% of the total households in major cities get 24 hours of municipal water supply. This has forced the households in a majority of these cities to depend on groundwater and other sources of water, like private vendors who supply water through tankers and drums. These sources result in depletion of groundwater. Taking too much water from a limited source may deprive people elsewhere of water and have adverse environmental and health impacts. Hence, An effort needs to be made to understand True Demand & Consumption. Moreover efficient leakage detection and amount of water used in a household should also be incorporated to avoid the water wastage. NeerAssure solves Water Scarcity problems by giving statistics about the daily water usage of the user and water availability in the overhead tank. It notifies the user when the tank becomes full and prompts the user to switch off the water pump. It also monitors the temperature of water, which helps in its suitable use, in case of using water in winter season. The user can interact with the product using the mobile app over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It learns your habits over time, and tells about the estimated time taken to fill the tank and gives you tips for saving water. It comes with several modules which can automatically on/off the water pump and being equipped with predictive analytics helps it to notify its users in case of excessive water wastage or leakage. This also helps in detecting amount of water consumed from concerned end-point by a household. NeerAssure offers the complete solution to all your daily Water Usage.